We thought you guys would enjoy hearing how we met! So much fun talking about it and seeing how God uniquely wrote our love story!

Happy Mail from Mrs Evally

My first attempt at creating a YouTube video. MrsEvally is so talented. I loved everything she sent. Her Instagram and YouTube names are both MrsEvally Check ...

Wayne & Evally 二進婚禮MV-愛情長跑影片-彩蛋版

Wayne & Evally 二進婚禮MV-愛情長跑影片-彩蛋版====== 先感謝Taiwan Bar『週末來吧』的片頭,我超愛這頻道的節目====== 彩蛋的意思就是在結尾時加上一個...

Mrs Evally Swap!!!

Tina's Instagram: https: @mrsevally.

How To • Pocket Letter File Folder FlipBook

Quick run down....first four minutes is the original way i started making these, next few minutes is a quick showing of a mini pocket letter file and wrapping up this ...

Pocket Letter File Folder Flipbook

Now isn't that a mouthful ;) Anywho, super excited to share this creation with you all....hope you enjoy and check out my Instagram for pics of all my ...

Como bañar un gato.

Mi primer Motion luls, aprender a usar after un día antes.

DemoReel Evally OwO

Todo revuelto para mi clase de Montaje :) Concept, ilustración, animación..

HAPPY MAIL •from Solange

Her YouTube.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0VHmqviOe9V1Qf7w9wER_g Her Instagram.... @handmadebysoso.

Evally Hardrox / Ângella Ribeiro ♡

O meu mundo ficou mais bonito depois que te encontrei.

Happy Mail

flip file happy mail from my friend Mrs Evally on instagram.


HIT ME UP ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA*** instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scrapdaworld ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Scrapdaworld Email: ...

Folder Card Share

Inspired by a fellow Instagrammer(@larascreativestudios), super fun to make, hope you enjoyed this look through.

говорящая такса Ева//Мини vlog

Instagram @eva190517.